digital publishing for educators
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We provide production and consultancy services to publishers wishing to create new digital products from their current lists.

We work with educators to understand and re-work their content for meaningful and effective digital delivery and to create sustainable and profitable digital publishing programmes.

We have extensive experience in digital educational publishing, and along with our partners, we can offer cutting edge products and services that will enhance your content and streamline your workflows.

Contact us to discuss how brightlylit can help you to achieve digital publishing success.

Our Partners

Availlain Publishing Suite comprises a complete, web based, educational publishing platform. Over ten years in the making, it provides you with everything you need to create and manage richly interactive digital content. That content can then easily be distributed to any platform or device as a series of web pages, a SCORM cartridge, an ebook or an app. Through Avallain Meta, a constituent part of Avallain Publishing Suite, a bespoke LMS can be created for you or your end customer that can host, manage and track your content.

More partners coming soon..

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