digital publishing for educators
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brightlylit is a specialist digital publishing and production consultancy
based in Oxfordshire.

We work with publishers and training providers to produce engaging digital content for use on any platform, anywhere.

If you are an educational content owner or training provider who wishes to transform your content into beautiful, rich, interactive digital materials and wants access to some of the most powerful publishing tools around, then we can help you. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

If you are an educational publisher you will currently be facing the question of how to successfully change your business model: should you hang on to your traditional paper based publishing plan for a while, and see which way the tide turns? Should you dip your toe in the digital waters and release some of your content as an app, an ebook or a website? Or should you seize the day and transform your publishing business into a digital first operation at one fell swoop?

How does all this affect your current editorial and marketing channels? How can you make money from the new digital publishing models? Digital publishing is not just about the content, it's about the people that work for you as well. How do you adapt your current workflows to those that create rich digital content for distribution on the web?

brightlylit exists to support and advise you and your staff through the forest of platforms and technologies that are vying for your attention.

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